Wii<->PC mail is finally here!

We have finally got Wii<->PC mail working. So you can register your email on the Wii and it’ll work! Maybe in the future with this, it could be a way to receive newsletters or even get information about RC24!

Add someone’s email via the Address Book as you would with registering a Wii, it’ll send a confirmation email which you reply to, and you’re all set! Your email will be w<Wii number>@rc24.xyz! But the confirmation email will say your email is the old @wii.com email, but remember it’s @rc24.xyz.

We also changed the interval your Wii checks mail. Before, it checked every 10 minutes but now it checks every 5 minutes. So you can get that beautiful flashing blue light on your Wii faster!

In the future we’ll make it so if you send a JPEG with your email it’ll be sent to your Wii (you were able to do that), but now we at least have text email working.

Hope you enjoy playing with email on your Wii!

CREDITS TO thejsa for making this work (and putting up with the hours of coding)! 😀

P.S. You can rearrange people in your Address Book by pointing at it and holding down A + B (just like you can do for a channel).

Website Change

Due to some events that have been happening in the last few days, you have to now use https://rc24.xyz to access our site instead of https://riiconnect24.net, until at least September when we can renew the domain. Accessing https://riiconnect24.net instead of https://rc24.xyz will eventually give you a timeout error.

You don’t have to do anything else like change the DNS, everything else is fine and we will be working as normal.

Thanks for your understanding.

New Site Look!

This has been here for a week or two now, but we’ve updated the look of our site. It explains more about what we do, and looks much better than it used to.

We’re gonna add more to it soon™, some pages still need to be worked on…

While I’m here, I wanted to say we’re still working on some cool things, including Wii U support, city lists for the Forecast Channel, and even the Everybody Votes Channel.

RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel Beta Released

On December 19, 2006, exactly 10 years ago, Nintendo released the Forecast Channel. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re releasing a beta of the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel today. It finally has the current weather, and hundreds of cities to view. AwesomeMarioFan (another RiiConnect24 developer) helped a lot with getting this to happen, and the weather is from AccuWeather. Everything looks like how it used to.

I also need to say some things about how it’s working now, read this please. If you patched your Wii already to use RiiConnect24, the Forecast Channel will load without extra patches. The Channel only lets you pick a city from the United States as your local city. Basically, how it worked is every country had their own files with local cities. Also, the forecast is set to update every 3 hours, but we will work on making the current forecast update hourly or so.

If you’re confused and say the Forecast Channel worked before this, we just made it work by just using an old forecast file we had. That didn’t have the latest forecasts, until now. At least it was nice to play with the Channel again after so long.

The Forecast Channel was innovative. There’s not many forecast services which present you with a Globe. If there was, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as fun without using the Wii Remote. It also looked nice to see the forecast on the Wii Menu, where everything was. Ultimately, it also has nice, calming music, and there’s a different tune for day or night. I don’t think the Forecast Channel will be on the Nintendo Switch, but of course you’ll be able to use it on the Wii. I hope this brings back some Wii memories.

We at RiiConnect24 wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays. Please enjoy the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel.

RiiConnect24 Mail!

We are proud to announce an alpha WiiConnect24 Mail system! It works on Wii, but not currently vWii.

You will need:
A Nintendo Wii (not a vWii!)
NWC24MSG.CFG patcher: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/206934926136705024/254447947037671425/mail.zip
The latest IOS Patcher: https://github.com/RiiConnect24/IOS-Patcher/releases
WiiXplorer: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiXplorer
A WAD installer

NOTE: You need to repatch your IOS if you haven’t before.

1. Get `/shared2/wc24/nwc24msg.cfg` from your Wii NAND via WiiXplorer (If your WiiXplorer doesn’t show NAND, update!)
2. Drag it onto mail.exe : this autopatches the nwc24msg.cfg to our servers (Linux x86 and x64 and Mac builds soon™)
3. Put it back onto SD card, enable WiiXplorer NAND writing (Settings -> Boot Settings), and copy it back to the folder, overwriting.
4. Install the IOS WADs created.

There are, however, some bugs: most channels will error out with 102032 – this is due to their IOS not having said patch (we are working on fixing this and removing the need for a patch, but it could take a long time)
We will be updating the IOS patcher for new IOSes some point in the future.

If you need any help, come to our Discord! https://discord.gg/sGRwfxx (If you are having issues patching IOS, you can ask someone who will surely help)

WARNING: RiiConnect24 is not liable for any damage caused by our patchers in any way, shape, or form. We recommend installing BootMii (@boot2 is the best, but @IOS if you cannot install @boot2), aswell as Priiloader, and taking at least one NAND backup before installing.

Please do not comment here for WADs or similar!

RiiConnect24 is Making Some Progress

We’ve been busy lately with a couple things and I’d like to tell you what we’ve been working on. (how many times have I done this already)

  • Animal Crossing – City Folk DLC
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • WiiConnect24 Mail

No, this does not mean they’re released yet. It’ll be soon™.

We just got the Wii to receive mail yesterday, and we’ve been working on that.


Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.



RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v3 Released

We’ve been working hard the last few months to add more stuff to the RiiConnect24 News Channel. It’s been a lot of work, but we finally have a few things that will now be on articles.

  • AP Logo – this is something small, but we’ve updated the logo displayed for AP articles to be the current one.
  • Locations – these come from Google Maps API. Thanks to that, pretty much any location on the news article will show up on the right spot correctly on the Globe. Not even the way Nintendo did this was good as our method.
  • Pictures – they’re a bit small but there’s a file size limit so they’re small to save space.
  • Remove News Duplicates – the duplicates are gone.

We’re working on more stuff too.

  • Other News Languages – news will soon be available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
  • Wii Menu Articles – we’re trying to make news articles display on the Wii Menu. It looks cool to see them on there, but so far it’s a little tricky for us to have them show up.

We’re also working on more.

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC – we’re still doing a few more things for it to be distributed.
  • RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel – this will have the latest forecasts and cities for other countries.
  • Rii no Ma – We will be selling Mii products that were originally sold on Wii no Ma, a Japanese Channel that had many things – videos, shopping, etc. but the most interesting thing is the Mii products.