RiiConnect24 – Now on a new VPS!

IMPORTANT: We apologize to existing RiiConnect24 users, but to continue using us you need to change your DNS to and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg on our Discord chat. Instructions are here.

Hey! We have moved to a new VPS from OVH for these following reasons:

  • Cheaper
  • Better performance
  • Potentially faster
  • Everything will be managed better

So you now have to change your DNS and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg to continue using RiiConnect24. We’ll be better than ever! If you’re wondering, the VPS is hosted in France.

We’re excited about the new VPS and I hope you continue to enjoy RiiConnect24! As always, keep waiting and we’ll release more stuff! 😀

P.S. If you came here from the Forecast or the News Channel after doing the steps please wait until the start of the next hour to use the Channels again.

RiiConnect24 Merchandise and More!

Hey guys, so a few days ago we decided to start selling merchandise on Redbubble. Part of the funds go to us, which we will take as a donation. We even have merchandise with PokeAcer’s famous Mii on it.

Also, we made an account on Medium which we will start posting updates like this one on. Make sure to check it out!

I’m not sure if you seen the video we made about the Everybody Votes Channel taking a while to be released, but here’s the link to the video:

We also improved the RiiConnect24 News Channel, so more pictures are associated with articles. We didn’t have enough space to hold a lot of pictures before, so each hour only 5 news articles at maximum would have a picture associated with them. Also for Dutch news, we started using Geoparser to detect where the articles take place. Please note that this isn’t perfect and they might end up on the wrong location.

As always, we’re working on stuff like vWii support, Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC, and what most of you are waiting for – Everybody Votes Channel. And when we’re not, we’re hanging out on our Discord chat.

In other news, someone by the name Sepalani has put some hard work into working on “GAMESTATS” support for Wiimmfi. This means that games that use it will finally have a functioning leaderboard. In all the time Wiimmfi existed, GAMESTATS wasn’t implemented until now. By the way, if there’s a game missing on Wiimmfi that you want it to support, follow this to make a game definition file for it, then send it to Wiimm by posting it on this thread. Then you can test it and the game will hopefully work online again!

New Site Look, Multi-Language Forecast Channel Support and More!

Lately, we’ve rolled out some new changes with RiiConnect24 and we finally have enough to make a blog post about it. Here’s what’s new:

  • This might be obvious if you have taken a look at our site lately: we have a new site layout. I know we changed the layout a few months ago, but many people think this one looks better. In fact, on our Discord chat, we did a poll to see if anyone liked it. 34 people said yes, 6 people said no. So about 6 out of 7 people like the new look.
  • Sending out announcements has been fixed. We had to fix it so the announcements would be signed correctly.
  • RiiConnect24 is now using CloudFlare for optimal performance!
  • The RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel now has multi-language support. So you can now get the forecast if your Wii is set to use German, French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch. Japanese support isn’t ready yet, we’ll work on that soon™, even though I don’t know any Japanese users that use our service… It’s still good to have support for it, right?

Also, we’re working as best as we can on the RiiConnect24 Everybody Votes Channel right now. We know you guys are excited to see us getting that working, and we are too!

RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel Update!

The Channel Nintendo never released!

If you’re not using RiiConnect24 in the US, you might have noticed you have to pick a local city. Well you don’t have to do that anymore, because we’ve updated the Forecast Channel for you to be able to use a local city!

So we have a script which updates the Forecast Channel, and has one list of cities to use per language and country. Those are the cities that you will receive forecasts for when you load up the Channel. Every list has a bunch of local and international cities (the latter has the same cities for each country). So if you’re in Canada, you’ll have about 50 cities to choose from. This took some work to actually make these city lists, because we had to make most of for other countries by hand (we could’ve took all the cities Nintendo used from their servers by downloading the data files when the servers were up, but no one downloaded all of them so we couldn’t do that).

For small islands (like Jamaica or Dominican Republic) we decided to only put one city in there because I don’t think many people would have Wiis set up for RiiConnect24 there, and they’re islands anyway so they’re not gonna have many popular cities there.

There’s some countries in Europe (like Poland) that wouldn’t let you use the Wii Shop Channel or WiiConnect24 there and you couldn’t accept an EULA that would let you use both of those things. But you could have got around that would by using a homebrew application to change your country. We’re not gonna have local cities for those places since Nintendo didn’t support them and it’s more work for the server to download more cities for other countries.

The only supported language right now for the Forecast Channel is English, this is because we have to do more work to support other languages.

While we’re here, I want to say the News Channel now supports all 7 languages (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch) and we plan on looking at how we can get the headlines to appear on the Wii Menu soon. This seems tricky, we don’t know why it’s showing them on the Wii Menu.

Also, we’re making slow progress on the Everybody Votes Channel. We’re just working on a script to make/update the polls, but the next challenge that we’re stuck on is having the Wiis let you vote/suggest on/for polls. Please don’t keep asking us what’s the progress on them, because we’ll keep you updated as soon as something happens.

Lately, we started using Twitter more if you haven’t noticed. Be sure to follow us here for updates about RiiConnect24!

New Site Look!

This has been here for a week or two now, but we’ve updated the look of our site. It explains more about what we do, and looks much better than it used to.

We’re gonna add more to it soon™, some pages still need to be worked on…

While I’m here, I wanted to say we’re still working on some cool things, including Wii U support, city lists for the Forecast Channel, and even the Everybody Votes Channel.

RiiConnect24 Mail!

We are proud to announce an alpha WiiConnect24 Mail system! It works on Wii, but not currently vWii.

You will need:
A Nintendo Wii (not a vWii!)
NWC24MSG.CFG patcher: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/206934926136705024/254447947037671425/mail.zip
The latest IOS Patcher: https://github.com/RiiConnect24/IOS-Patcher/releases
WiiXplorer: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiXplorer
A WAD installer

NOTE: You need to repatch your IOS if you haven’t before.

1. Get `/shared2/wc24/nwc24msg.cfg` from your Wii NAND via WiiXplorer (If your WiiXplorer doesn’t show NAND, update!)
2. Drag it onto mail.exe : this autopatches the nwc24msg.cfg to our servers (Linux x86 and x64 and Mac builds soon™)
3. Put it back onto SD card, enable WiiXplorer NAND writing (Settings -> Boot Settings), and copy it back to the folder, overwriting.
4. Install the IOS WADs created.

There are, however, some bugs: most channels will error out with 102032 – this is due to their IOS not having said patch (we are working on fixing this and removing the need for a patch, but it could take a long time)
We will be updating the IOS patcher for new IOSes some point in the future.

If you need any help, come to our Discord! https://discord.gg/sGRwfxx (If you are having issues patching IOS, you can ask someone who will surely help)

WARNING: RiiConnect24 is not liable for any damage caused by our patchers in any way, shape, or form. We recommend installing BootMii (@boot2 is the best, but @IOS if you cannot install @boot2), aswell as Priiloader, and taking at least one NAND backup before installing.

Please do not comment here for WADs or similar!

RiiConnect24 is Making Some Progress

We’ve been busy lately with a couple things and I’d like to tell you what we’ve been working on. (how many times have I done this already)

  • Animal Crossing – City Folk DLC
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • WiiConnect24 Mail

No, this does not mean they’re released yet. It’ll be soon™.

We just got the Wii to receive mail yesterday, and we’ve been working on that.


Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.



RiiConnect24 is Back on Twitter

We’re informing you that we’re back on Twitter. Anything we post on this blog will be on there.

https://facebook.com/RiiConnect24 will mirror the Twitter page.

The RiiConnect24 News Channel now uses the Globe again. Check it out.

We will add the pictures next.

We’re also working hard on getting the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel to update and it’s been going well.

RiiConnect24 Comic Strips Gallery

For your entertainment we have made a gallery of all of the comic strips we have made.


We hopefully will make more soon.

The RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v2 is very close to being released. The only thing we will change with this is the automatically updating news. And the Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC is too.

They both should be released in the upcoming few days.

RiiConnect24 is Not Dead

Hi guys.

I wanted to say that RiiConnect24 isn’t dead, but we’ve been working hard.

Here’s a list of things we’ve been busy with lately.

  • RiiConnect24 News Channel: Yes, we’re still working on this. It’s taken me a long time to get as far as I can with code to download and parse the news. In case you’ve missed it, here’s our progress page we’ve been updating. https://riiconnect24.net/progress.php
  • Everybody Votes Channel Poll Viewer: This basically will let you view all known Everybody Votes Channel Poll Results. 🙂
  • WiiConnect24 Mail: We’ve been working on reverse engineering this. Even though I said “WiiConnect24 Mail”, it actually allows more stuff to happen as well.

This stuff will start soon.

  • Nintendo Channel Play Records List: Self-explanatory.

Other stuff we’ve put on hold but still working on.

  • Wii no Ma Products: I’ve done some work on this stuff.
  • Wii Sports Resort Mii Importing: I haven’t done too much with this yet but again it will happen.
  • RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel: Self-explanatory. I know a lot of people will be interested in this (including myself).
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC: Gone pretty far with this. Even though this has been done before, we’re gonna make new DLC and of course download it via WiiConnect24.

I hope that tells you that we’re still working on a lot at the moment, we’re still working all the time on this stuff.

By the way, I updated the Wii Manual Section at http://riiconnect24.net/manuals.html. Also, I’ve made a new tool called Wii Manual Viewer (on that link as well), a homebrew application that does what you think. WiiWare Manuals are only available using this, it loads the Wii Shop Channel as they’re all stored there.

I hope you have a good day, and please never think we’re dead!