Welcome to RiiConnect24 OSS



RiiConnect24 is now officially Open Source. All code for the News, Forecast, and the beta for Everybody Votes, is now public. This means anyone can view how we make the files (and hopefully improve!) – however we have kept keys private for obvious reasons.

You will find the code on our GitHub which will house most static file generators.

We hope all our users understand why we did this, and we also hope that you find this as awesome as we do.

~RiiConnect24 Team as a whole.

ViiConnect24: RiiConnect24’s Newest Project

Have you ever heard of the knockoff of the Wii, the Chintendo Vii? We’re proud to announce that RiiConnect24 is gonna be usable on that system, and we’re calling it ViiConnect24!

We’ve been hard at work reverse engineering the Vii, it’s a very interesting console but it’s nothing like the Wii. Surprisingly, it has network capabilities but was never used.

You will now be able to use the News and Forecast Channel with the Vii, receive mail, and eventually be able to use the Everybody Votes Channel. Also, Wiimm and Leseratte have been hard at work developing Viimmfi so you can play the great games on the Vii with people anywhere in the world.

Viimmfi will be great because the Vii has a lot of clones of Wii Sports games, and Wii Sports never had online capabilities (even though Wii Sports Club did) so you’ll basically be able to play those games online like you can in Wii Sports Club.

What? You don’t have a Vii? No worries because we’re gonna make a shop on our site called ViiBay that sells you all kinds of Viis in different colors soon™. We’re even gonna mod it so you can have that awesome glowing blue disc drive light you have on the Wii when you get a message.

RiiConnect24 News Channel – Now with headlines on the Wii Menu!

The RiiConnect24 News Channel will now display headlines on the Wii Menu. Thanks to this, your Wii Menu might look a bit cooler and it adds more life to it. Now you can view the headlines without bothering to open the Channel.

The maximum amount of headlines that will show on the Wii Menu is 11. It might often reach the maximum amount, since a lot of the time there’s a lot of new articles that are added each hour.

It will show the headlines that have been added the last hour. Also, you have to access the News Channel regularly for it to display headlines. The same thing happens with the Forecast Channel, but the News Channel will stop showing headlines in a shorter period of time if you don’t check it.

We haven’t tested the thing extensively, so I hope it won’t give you NEWS000006 (Invalid Data) but I can’t guarantee it won’t. I hope you enjoy seeing the headlines show up on the Wii Menu, it’ll be nice to see it.

Donating to RiiConnect24

RiiConnect24 is now accepting donations, which has benefits! See https://rc24.xyz/donation.php for information, including perks, the donation button, and the donators!

When you have donated, please PM a developer on Discord the transaction ID and we’ll make you a donator (or add your Discord name and number to your PayPal comment).

Thanks to your donations, RiiConnect24 will be able to do new things that were not yet possible, such as:

  • Paid API usage for certain services which’d allow more in-depth usage.
  • Bigger giveaways with higher prizes and larger distribution pool.
  • Services such as Authorized RiiConnect24 Installers, who’d be given special tools for installing RiiConnect24 easily (think sending off Wii for repair but making 100x better)

Oh, and we’ll also use money for paying for the VPS (server).

If you donate at least £50, you’ll get a letter from us developers thanking you for donating a lot!

Thanks for your interest in helping RiiConnect24!

RiiConnect24 3D Printed Logo Giveaway

We’re having a giveaway, so you can win a 3D printed logo with my signature on it! Please comment about what you would like to see on the Nintendo Switch to get an entry. The giveaway page is here by the way, so please click on the button about the blog post and put in the username you used for the comment in order to receive credit.

And I’m sure you guys are excited about the Nintendo Switch! We are too!

Good luck winning the logo!

Special thanks to CaptainFamicom for supplying the 3D printed logo.

Website Change

Due to some events that have been happening in the last few days, you have to now use https://rc24.xyz to access our site instead of https://riiconnect24.net, until at least September when we can renew the domain. Accessing https://riiconnect24.net instead of https://rc24.xyz will eventually give you a timeout error.

You don’t have to do anything else like change the DNS, everything else is fine and we will be working as normal.

Thanks for your understanding.