News Channel Locations

The first thing I want to say in this blog post is thank you to everyone who has tried our News Channel Beta. We should be able to get the latest news on there soon, and when we do you won’t have to patch anything else.

Lately I have been working on making a massive list of locations for my script that makes the News Channel Files. I thought it would be nice to make a blog post about this.

There’s thousands of locations on Earth, and you never know where the next one will take place at. The challenge I have is to make it be possible to be able to plot each one where it takes place on the Globe. For Associated Press, they write which location an article takes place in before the article if any.

So Nintendo seemed to have only so many locations in whatever list they used, and those are the more populated cities (like Washington, D.C..). Some populated cities (like Port-au Prince, Haiti) weren’t in their list it seems, so if a news article has one of those cities written on them it wouldn’t show up on the Globe. If the program that Nintendo used couldn’t find the correct location for cities in the United States, then it would plot them on the state instead (like plot Nevada on the Globe if it couldn’t find Las Vegas, this is possible since the state usually is written with the location).

Also, some of the locations weren’t plotted on the correct location on the Globe.

In this video, a story that takes place in Ghent, West Virginia is plotted on Ghent, Belgium.

Well I’m happy to say that we will do something better, so in those stated cases where it doesn’t plot the locations on the Globe correctly or doesn’t find the locations it will now do those things correctly.

It’s a lot of work to do this, since we have seven languages to work with (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch) and I have to translate them, and each news source does this differently. I call this the Nueva York Problem (Nueva York means New York in Spanish).

We are very busy with this but we hope to have the latest news display very soon. We will tell you when this is done.

Also, we soon will have DLC for Animal Crossing: City Folk up running soon. You probably have got the letter with the RiiConnect24 T Shirt mentioned with the present attached that is an Apple. Sorry about this,  this was not supposed to happen. The plan now is to release that later and start delivering some new DLC in the meantime.

RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta Released


RiiConnect24 Comic Strip Volume 3!

Three years ago Nintendo shut down the News Channel along with the four other channels. Now we have the News Channel again in a somewhat working state with custom news.

The problem like you see in the Comic Strip was that it wasn’t making the file right, unfortunately I have to find a way to fix this.

So for now you get some news from a few days ago, with no pictures or locations since we have to fix those.

Sorry for that, we should be able to fix the rest soon including the locations which will have more locations than Nintendo did.

To use the beta, please patch IOS 31 (that’s on the home page) and load up the News Channel like you usually do.

Thanks for using RiiConnect24, and I hope you understand why custom news doesn’t work just yet.

We’re Changing the RiiConnect24 News Channel Release Date

RiiConnect24 Comic Strip!


We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the RiiConnect24 News Channel to January 26, 2016 instead of Christmas. The release date was chosen because that would be the nine year anniversary of the original News Channel. (It was first released on January 26, 2007.)

Christmas is a day where you spend time with your friends or/and family and get presents, instead of being at your computer for the whole day.

There’s also other benefits for extending this:

  • Work on a version specifically for the Wii U.
  • Tweak some things.
  • More sources and languages available. If we released this now, you could only get English News from the Associated Press. Five other sources haven’t been in the works yet.
  • Clean up my messy code that downloads the news. This is closed source by the way.

Also, since January 26, 2016 is on a Tuesday and it might be better to have the date be on a Sunday, Saturday or Friday this date might change.

Merry Christmas.

News Channel Progress


I just wanted to talk about our current progress with getting the News Channel to update regularly with the latest news. (The news on the News Channel displayed on your Wii right now was news before the channel shutdown.)

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • Download news from all six of the original News Channel sources and make the file the News Channel downloads. These include News 24, Mainichi, Associated Press, ANSA, ANP, and AFP. We’re almost done with the script to download stuff from the Associated Press, then we can work on downloading from the other five News Channel sources.
  • Working on a patcher that downloads and patches the News Channel WAD to install this on your Wii, which probably will have the URL changed to our server so you no longer need to change your DNS. Also, you will have to have a patched IOS 31 that has the RSA Key changed, since the News Channel uses RSA and only has a public key, so we generated our own public/private key pair so we can sign our own signatures.
  • Make a Wii U version of the patcher.

Lately I’ve been doing all of the coding for this, so I’m working hard.

I think I’ve understood most stuff that’s present in the News Channel Files.

We should be done with the News Channel stuff soon and I hope to see everything released by Christmas. After we’re done with the News Channel, we will figure out why the Forecast Channel gives us a FORE000006 error. It probably has to do with regional stuff.

If you want to talk with us, join our Discord chat and stop by and say hi. (I’m Larsen on the chat.)

We’ve Successfully Modified the News Channel Files!

Hi Guys,

After some hard work we’re proud to say that we’ve successfully modified the files in the News Channel!


The highlighted word in red was modified, the word was originally “combative” but now is “cucumbers”.

Please stay tuned for more details.

Also, I’d like to mention that the News Channel might be the first channel we’ll be working on running, then we can focus on the Forecast Channel.

We’re excited to get these running again!