RiiConnect24 News Channel – Now with headlines on the Wii Menu!

The RiiConnect24 News Channel will now display headlines on the Wii Menu. Thanks to this, your Wii Menu might look a bit cooler and it adds more life to it. Now you can view the headlines without bothering to open the Channel.

The maximum amount of headlines that will show on the Wii Menu is 11. It might often reach the maximum amount, since a lot of the time there’s a lot of new articles that are added each hour.

It will show the headlines that have been added the last hour. Also, you have to access the News Channel regularly for it to display headlines. The same thing happens with the Forecast Channel, but the News Channel will stop showing headlines in a shorter period of time if you don’t check it.

We haven’t tested the thing extensively, so I hope it won’t give you NEWS000006 (Invalid Data) but I can’t guarantee it won’t. I hope you enjoy seeing the headlines show up on the Wii Menu, it’ll be nice to see it.

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