Donating to RiiConnect24

RiiConnect24 is now accepting donations, which has benefits! See for information, including perks, the donation button, and the donators!

When you have donated, please PM a developer on Discord the transaction ID and we’ll make you a donator (or add your Discord name and number to your PayPal comment).

Thanks to your donations, RiiConnect24 will be able to do new things that were not yet possible, such as:

  • Paid API usage for certain services which’d allow more in-depth usage.
  • Bigger giveaways with higher prizes and larger distribution pool.
  • Services such as Authorized RiiConnect24 Installers, who’d be given special tools for installing RiiConnect24 easily (think sending off Wii for repair but making 100x better)

Oh, and we’ll also use money for paying for the VPS (server).

If you donate at least £50, you’ll get a letter from us developers thanking you for donating a lot!

Thanks for your interest in helping RiiConnect24!