RiiConnect24 3D Printed Logo Giveaway

We’re having a giveaway, so you can win a 3D printed logo with my signature on it! Please comment about what you would like to see on the Nintendo Switch to get an entry. The giveaway page is here by the way, so please click on the button about the blog post and put in the username you used for the comment in order to receive credit.

And I’m sure you guys are excited about the Nintendo Switch! We are too!

Good luck winning the logo!

Special thanks to CaptainFamicom for supplying the 3D printed logo.

28 thoughts on “RiiConnect24 3D Printed Logo Giveaway”

  1. I would like to see a fitness game developed for the Switch, like “Switch Fit”. If possible it should be a successor to the Wii Fit series with similar games and concepts.

  2. Been excited for the switch since day one but sadly I don’t get one till christmas

  3. Still waiting for Wiimmfi and RC24 join together and work like how WFC and WC24 did with Wii Mails from Games!

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