RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel Beta Released

On December 19, 2006, exactly 10 years ago, Nintendo released the Forecast Channel. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re releasing a beta of the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel today. It finally has the current weather, and hundreds of cities to view. AwesomeMarioFan (another RiiConnect24 developer) helped a lot with getting this to happen, and the weather is from AccuWeather. Everything looks like how it used to.

I also need to say some things about how it’s working now, read this please. If you patched your Wii already to use RiiConnect24, the Forecast Channel will load without extra patches. The Channel only lets you pick a city from the United States as your local city. Basically, how it worked is every country had their own files with local cities. Also, the forecast is set to update every 3 hours, but we will work on making the current forecast update hourly or so.

If you’re confused and say the Forecast Channel worked before this, we just made it work by just using an old forecast file we had. That didn’t have the latest forecasts, until now. At least it was nice to play with the Channel again after so long.

The Forecast Channel was innovative. There’s not many forecast services which present you with a Globe. If there was, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as fun without using the Wii Remote. It also looked nice to see the forecast on the Wii Menu, where everything was. Ultimately, it also has nice, calming music, and there’s a different tune for day or night. I don’t think the Forecast Channel will be on the Nintendo Switch, but of course you’ll be able to use it on the Wii. I hope this brings back some Wii memories.

We at RiiConnect24 wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays. Please enjoy the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel.

9 thoughts on “RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel Beta Released”

  1. Seeing the latest forecast again on the RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel Beta is super cool! Speaking of beta, for the News Channel, when will you release RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v4? It would be so glad to see the news articles appear on the Wii Menu again!

  2. 2 Channels working:

    Forecast Channel: It has the latest forecast by AccuWeather.
    News Channel: It has the latest news, but the articles on the Wii Menu needs some work.

    3 Channels remaining to make them work again:

    Nintendo Channel: Needs dumps from before June 27, 2013.
    Check Mii Out Channel: Same as Nintendo Channel.
    Everybody Votes Channel: The sooner the testing is done, the sooner we’ll use this channel again!

    P.S. Larsen V., you could also update the IOS Patcher to support IOS35!

    Keep up the good work, RiiConnect24 team!

  3. Wow thank you so much guys, nice it is back again with actual weather data :)) really for all of you many many thanks!! and Happy Holidays!

  4. Hello larsen
    finally the forecast channel does have the latest weather

    Will there be a version of europe i mean seeing the 5 days weather of paris and the UV Index for paris if there will be a version for Europe i will be very happy

    Thank you very much and keep the great work

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