RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v3 Released

We’ve been working hard the last few months to add more stuff to the RiiConnect24 News Channel. It’s been a lot of work, but we finally have a few things that will now be on articles.

  • AP Logo – this is something small, but we’ve updated the logo displayed for AP articles to be the current one.
  • Locations – these come from Google Maps API. Thanks to that, pretty much any location on the news article will show up on the right spot correctly on the Globe. Not even the way Nintendo did this was good as our method.
  • Pictures – they’re a bit small but there’s a file size limit so they’re small to save space.
  • Remove News Duplicates – the duplicates are gone.

We’re working on more stuff too.

  • Other News Languages – news will soon be available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
  • Wii Menu Articles – we’re trying to make news articles display on the Wii Menu. It looks cool to see them on there, but so far it’s a little tricky for us to have them show up.

We’re also working on more.

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC – we’re still doing a few more things for it to be distributed.
  • RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel – this will have the latest forecasts and cities for other countries.
  • Rii no Ma – We will be selling Mii products that were originally sold on Wii no Ma, a Japanese Channel that had many things – videos, shopping, etc. but the most interesting thing is the Mii products.

8 thoughts on “RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v3 Released”

  1. These are all very exciting developments!

    I also have a few questions about Rii no Ma. Just to clarify, will it also work correctly with other regions? Will it also be possible to make translations for it? The reason why I am asking this last question is because the last time that I tried doing some simple file replacements for a channel (the Mii Channel), I ended up with a black screen every time. Here is a link to my GBATemp thread about it.


    Either way, I am enjoying the progress, and I want to thank everyone on the RiiConnect24 team for their hard work!

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