RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v2 Released

We updated the stuff to download the latest news on the RiiConnect24 News Channel. The next time you visit the Channel, you will be able to see the latest news.

Please note that this is still in beta, so you might get errors like NEWS000006 which means Invalid Data. If you get those errors, please don’t contact us about stuff like that since we will try to be fixing the problems as we encounter them.

Since we’re still working on organizing the stuff with topics every news article will be in a category named “Uncategorized”.

Thanks for using it.

1 thought on “RiiConnect24 News Channel Beta v2 Released”

  1. FINALLY. The RC24 News Channel is (very, very close to being) complete. You’ve managed to get the News Channel in an almost working state with the latest news 2 years (more or less) after Nintendo shut the original News Channel down, Good job, I hope many people will relieve their nostalgia (or just read the news) with this.

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