RiiConnect24 Progress


I would like to give another update what we’ve been doing with RiiConnect24 lately. Still working on the News Channel of course too, that’s my top priority right now. (It will be worth the wait I promise.)

  • Wii Sports Resort Miis, you may or may not know that it had a feature to import Miis from the Check Mii Out Channel. Thankfully I got some dumps for this. Also, you will need a patch for the RSA Signature since games like this one have their own RSA Keys that we need to change in order to sign the files correctly.
  • New Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC. I would also like to give a shout out to Conanac for helping us with this. This will include both original and official DLC.

Also, you guys might enjoy reading about some unused content and interviews (official ones from the official Wii site that we mirrored since Nintendo took them down) with the News Channel along with some other channels while you wait for us to release this on January 26th.

https://tcrf.net/News_Channel (On the bottom, you can navigate to pages about other channels.)


Hope that you guys are enjoying 2016 and that’s all for today’s update.

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