We’re Changing the RiiConnect24 News Channel Release Date

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We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the RiiConnect24 News Channel to January 26, 2016 instead of Christmas. The release date was chosen because that would be the nine year anniversary of the original News Channel. (It was first released on January 26, 2007.)

Christmas is a day where you spend time with your friends or/and family and get presents, instead of being at your computer for the whole day.

There’s also other benefits for extending this:

  • Work on a version specifically for the Wii U.
  • Tweak some things.
  • More sources and languages available. If we released this now, you could only get English News from the Associated Press. Five other sources haven’t been in the works yet.
  • Clean up my messy code that downloads the news. This is closed source by the way.

Also, since January 26, 2016 is on a Tuesday and it might be better to have the date be on a Sunday, Saturday or Friday this date might change.

Merry Christmas.

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