Manuals & Progress Report


Just wanted to talk about the progress we’ve been making on the RC24 project.

It’s been moving very slowly, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to the project because I really want to see the Forecast Channel working again.

The problem has remained since day 1 – trying to find out why we get this FORE000006 error. It can be caused by many of different things, but whatever it is we’ll hopefully find a way around it. 🙂

I bet Nintendo has zero plans for a Wii U/NX version of any of these channels unfortunately… Adding up all of the features, like weather from Weathernews or faster downloading from Akamai, it would cost them a lot to keep running, right?

I’ve decided to work on a little manual index (you know, those things that are viewable when playing a Virtual Console game).

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get.